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General Pest Pontrol
Cockroaches are ominovoros, cause diseases like Gastroenteritis, Typhoid fever and Dysentery. Our effective Gel application with odorless spary treatment control the probelm quickly.
Termite Treatment
The worker termite works 24 hours… make way from any where to reach the required food. They damage furniture’s, wooden work, papers & clothes.Termites are fastest but silent distroyer
Rodent/Rat Treatment
They are very clever They are prolific breeders and get maturity within 12 weeks. They have good sense of smell and touch. Rats prefer to stay as close as possible to food and water
Mosquito Fogging Treatment
Only femeal mosquito can bite, they laid eggs more than 300 after each bite, Mosquito can cause diseases like Malariya , Dengue and Chikun Guniya etc.
Bedbugs Treatment
The breeding rate is so high and get maturity early. They cause sleep less nights,their bite cause itching, They can suck blood three times more of its body weight. Spraying to all infested areas, bedding material will be done to control the problem.
Bee Hive Treatment
Because honey bee populations are in trouble, killing a hive is not recommended unless it is your only option. There are a few ways to kill the hive, but you’ll need to make sure that everything is removed.

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